There are many different curriculums out there to choose from. Some cost thousands of dollars, some are cheap, and some are free. Today, I will be telling you about the many cheap or free resources out there, and what I think about them. Instead of paying for thousands of dollars for a curriculum just look at these free ones. Four different ones to choose from or utilize all of them. Mix and match.

  1. Easy Peasy All in One Home School. This is a free online curriculum created by a home school mother. She was originally putting her children curriculum online for her to look back on. However, it turned into an amazing huge site that so many people are finding useful now. This curriculum starts at Preschool and goes all the way to High school. The resource is completely free online, however, there are workbooks that can be bought. However, it is not needed to. You can also print out the worksheets for the course online. There are many games to play and audio books to read. This curriculum also uses YouTube to utilize some learning materials. This is my favorite free curriculum sites.


  1. Khan Academy. This site includes math for all grade levels. Science, Social Studies, and Art for High school students. Reading and Language Arts for First Grade to Ninth Grade. This site I believe is good for extra practice. I do not believe that this can be used as a complete curriculum. However, that is just my opinion after using you might think differently. We utilize the games on here often.


  1. This maybe taboo for some, because some people do not like their children to have too much scream time. However, I utilize Netflix a lot in my homeschool. We use Netflix for history, nature and science videos, Reading, and Language Arts videos, and we love it for family movies. While watching sometimes I would turn on the subtitles, so that the children will need to read the words on the screen. Good reading lessons that way.


  1. Yes, this is a lot of screen time like Netflix. However, there are plenty of learning videos on both sites. YouTube has many videos for every subject that you can imagine. There are art videos for children to learn to draw. There are fitness videos to keep kids active. There are reading videos where people are reading stories to children. There are many different science and history videos. Many different math videos to show how to solve math problems. Lots of different videos to choose from. Also, they are mostly fun videos my kids love to watch. So, no I do not feel guilty or some type of way when I put my kids to sit down and do school in front of the television.


Today I have given you four different resources for you to home school your children. These resources are well worth it. They also have lots to choose from. Thanks for reading.

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