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If you think working at home will be “easier” than any other option available to you, chances are you are fooling yourself. It is different, more convenient, immensely rewarding, but not necessarily a walk in the park. You can learn how to handle it all and excel in your personal and business lives both. To make sure you juggle your work, family, and home responsibilities with the greatest amount of ease, it can be useful to consider the following tips, techniques, and strategies for getting it all done:

• Set your hours. This tip cannot be stressed enough. Whether you plan to work a full eight-hour day from morning through afternoon or you intend to work at night after the kids turn in, set your hours, and try to stick with them.

• Learn to Prioritize. Since you will be the one at home, chance is you will have a lot more on your plate. You will feel compelled to not only take care of your child and your business, but also your home. You cannot do it all. Learning to prioritize what must be done and what can wait will be essential. So, too, will be learning to delegate some duties to other family members where possible.

• Learn to Ask for Help. You are amazing, but you are only human. You will need help sometimes. Do not be afraid to ask for it.

• Have A Backup Plan. There will be some days when you cannot keep up with your child and your work, too. Make sure you have a backup plan in place. Get a relative to watch the child or even have a drop-in situation with a local daycare. It is okay to not always be the one in charge of childcare. In fact, sometimes little ones do better with socialization if they can be in group settings occasionally.

• Make the Most of Downtime. Take advantage of any downtime you must tackle projects that must be done. While your baby sleeps, for example, make your calls. As your child eats breakfast, get dinner started in a slow cooker. Do remember to carve out some time for yourself, too.

• Take advantage of down time. If you do have some downtime during set hours, take advantage of it to do other things on your plate. Tackle some housework, hang out with the kids, get dinner ready or just relax for a little bit.

• Be realistic.

Even working at home, you highly likely will not be able to handle it all every day in and out. Give yourself permission to let the house go a bit in favor of landing a big contract or carving out enough time to take the children to the park. Prioritize what is important and your juggling act will work.

• Be patient. If you have never worked at home before with children running around, you are about to embark on an exercise in patience. Your children highly likely will not initially understand they cannot interrupt you every five minutes. You will have to learn the fine art of compromise and even how to be firm and loving to pull this off. With a little effort, you can avoid bruising little egos.

Launching into a stay-at-home business can make some things in life a whole lot easier. It can also present with a whole new set of challenges. Be prepared to prioritize what matters and compromise on points that are not quite as important. If you do these things, you can juggle it all and keep your business going, your sanity intact and your family chugging along simply fine.

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