Vandalized Car

Our Car Was Vandalized

Man let me tell you that was not a fun thing to have happen. I have had many cars before, and this sort of thing have never happened to me before, so of course I reacted. Right off the bat I am going to tell you that we have no idea who could have done this. Let us start from the beginning.

We used to live in the state of Florida. In February, this year 2020, we moved all the way up North to the state of Minnesota. When we decided to move, we had no idea where we were going to stay. We had no money or credit to buy a home, therefore, we decided on hotel living until we could find a place of our own.

When we lived in Florida we were paying for a car through a dealership. We decided to fly and turn that car in. Therefore, we did not have a car when we arrived in Minnesota on February 13th.

When we got here it was -20 degrees. Wow, it was cold. Of course, we had to wait for a Lyft or Uber to pick us up from the airport. For a little over two months we stayed in hotel after hotel. Apparently, we did not really think this through because we realized that we were spending so much more money on Lyft and Uber then we intended to.

While staying in these hotels my husband was applying for job after job. He was getting offered many different positions; however, he could not really find anything that he really wanted to do. He settled on a good one, however, that one was an hour drive from the hotel that we were staying in. That is when we finally decided to purchase our car. We knew that we no longer wanted to pay for a car monthly, so we decided to buy one cash. That was our first time ever doing that. We went to many dealerships until we found one that we liked and that was in our budget.

So, we packed up and moved the hour away close to the position that my husband now had. After working in the food industry for more than ten years he welcomed the change. We stayed in another hotel in this area for two weeks, and then we found an apartment that was in our budget and the rooms that we wanted. The plus was that it was a ten-minute walk from the job that he acquired.

This one was perfect, because it was not only close to his job, we had many things around us as well. We had grocery stores, other stores, doctor offices, vet, and therapies all not even a ten-minute drive from our home. We were content with where we had chosen, and all moved into our new place.

At this time, everyone was receiving the stimulus checks that would help people with what they needed. We used that check to help us with the deposit, get beds for our children, kitchen essentials, and other things that a home needed. Thank you for that check because it came at a time when we absolutely needed it. For us, it was God sent.

The very first day we moved in the next-door neighbor already had a problem. When you move in someone where you must bring items from your car or moving truck into your new home correct? Well, the neighbor had a problem because she stated we were making too much noise. O, come on? You want us to be quiet when we are just moving everything in? Like, what was her problem?

A couple of days later our kids were in their beds, I was laying in my bed, my husband was watching a football game in the living room, and on the phone with his friend. Yes, he was drinking because it was his day off. There was a loud knock at the door. Who in the world could be knocking this late at night?

Well, surprise we were when we opened the door. It was the police. I am over here thinking, ‘what in the world were the police doing at our door so late at night?’ We just knew we had not done anything, but why were they here?

They proceeded to tell us that they received a domestic violence call. That the neighbor stated that I was screaming for help. I was laying down in my bed with Netflix on the television. I proceeded to inform them that none of that was going on. They were here harassing us in our home for maybe an hour. After me telling them over and over that I was okay, and nothing was wrong they would not leave. They finally left after realizing the neighbor had filed a false report.

Now, to the car. Since we moved in this apartment building, I have always parked my car in the exact same spot. Never faltering. Never a different spot. One day I came home from the dentist and there was a car in my spot. Now, maybe someone new that moved him, because mostly everyone in the building new I parked in that very same spot every time. People were shocked that I had to park some where else.

That night I parked a little further down than my usual spot. It was okay. I knew that I would park in my spot tomorrow. My husband works early in the morning and returns early in the afternoon.

We had finished our home school for that day. I was in the shower getting ready to head to my son’s therapy session. My husband came running in out of breath. I knew that he had come home before because he had taking the dog outside then. He proceeded to talk, and I made a joke that he had better not have loss my dog. He told me to shut up because he really needed to tell me something important. Okay, I am all ears now, because he never talks to me in that manner. He proceeded to tell me about the car.

I jumped out of the shower, and I have never gotten dress so fast in my life before. We ran down the stairs to see what in the world was going on. My car. Wow, the car was crazy. It looked like I had gotten in a car accident. Except for the fact that there was a huge brick in the back of my car window.

Yes, it was not even a normal size brick. This was a huge brick that you would see when people are building different buildings. The front window looked like someone was trying to smash it in. However, it was only on the driver side. Yes, the front and back windows were both broken.

We are going crazy because we have no idea who could have done this. Especially, since my husband and I do not talk or have any friends in this state. Then, my husband had a revelation.

There is another car in the lot that is the same year, color, make, and model to my car. My husband got to thinking that maybe it was supposed to be that car. We had no idea. However, we knew that we needed this fixed immediately. My children have special needs and have appointments every day of the week every week. I also have physical therapy appointments on Mondays. Therefore, we need a car to get to all these things. Even though they are close by my kids cannot walk.

We were able to get it fixed the very next day, because my children and I needed it fixed. However, that was not fun. We used our grocery money for that week to fix the car. It did cost us $500 to fix. It was $250 for both the front and back car window. That is so upsetting.

We were never people to save before. We had just recently started saving. We were not good with money before, therefore, we were excited to get this started. However, we had to use that saving to fix the car. Which greatly set us back.

We called the cops and reported it. You guys I am not one to deal with cops, and I try to avoid them at all means possible. So, talking to a cop is not normal for me. So, he took an evidence bag and put the huge brick that was in the back window. Hopefully, they can find out who did this, so that we can collect our money back. Meaning get that person for damages because that was our savings.

So, the guy that fixed the car did take two hours to do it. We missed two of Christopher’s appointments for that week. Which was kind of upsetting because he needs them.

Christopher has high functioning autism and spastic diplegia Cerebral Palsy. He does physical, occupational, and speech therapy weekly.

Cattleya had a studder and does speech therapy weekly as well.

Every Monday I do physical therapy to help with hip and pelvis pain. Therefore, we could not believe someone had done this to us.

Everyone is safe and we had our car fixed. Everything is back to normal now. However, we have finally been given a spot in the parking garage. We have been asking for a spot in the garage since we moved in. Now, we have finally got it. I am excited because my car is now safer at night in the garage.

Thanks for hearing my story and what happened to our car.

Until next time,

Visions of a Mom

Check out this video on how my car looked when someone vandalized it, and how it looks now.

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