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Today I have two different forms of making money from home. Easy money to be made making these two things apart of your productive daily lifestyle at home.

Developing Websites

Here, you can assume that the vastness of the internet is like a vast piece of land. Then if this is so then websites can be likened to tracts of real estate. In the real physical world, the overall worth of real estate is quite high; in fact, it is one of the most coveted items that you can have today. Digital real estates would basically operate under the same principles as this.

When it comes to developing a website, it can be equated to building a house on your piece of land. How it is done Just like you would on your own piece of physical land, when you have space on the internet you are at liberty to do as you please with your website.

However, we are concerned with making money and therefore there are going to be some few limitations to this; you will need to be more specific with the content that you would like to put up on your website. Let us be honest, only good content will yield good returns. There would be no point of having your digital real estate looking like a junk yard; you will be lucky if you get any visitors and if they visit, they are not going to stay long.

When you are developing your website, it would be advisable that you spend some significant amount of time in selecting a platform that would be desirable. A platform can be described as the format in which your website will be hosted on. If you are not particularly tech savvy, this would immediately sound like a task that is overly complicated and the thought of millions of lines of code downright off putting. This was the case several years ago when the platforms were a tad bit complicated; the popular platforms were HTML, Flash or CSS.

To put up your website you would need to invest a significant amount of time to code your website (a task that required countless hours to master). However, you can now breathe easy as this process has been significantly simplified thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress.

Simply put, CMS can be described as a platform that is user friendly that is used in the development of websites and the management of online content. It gets even better; these CMS are mostly free! Once you have selected an appropriate platform, you should then proceed to select a domain name that would suit you and a host. A domain name can be described as a web address like a

Hosting, on the other hand refers to a service that will be able to connect your site to the internet. Earlier we mentioned that making use of a platform like WordPress will be free but to have your site hosted it may cost you some bit of money. But there is no need for you to be alarmed by this, it is not an amount that will be capable of breaking your bank; it will cost less than you spend on coffee around $3 to $5.

You still have the option of having your site hosted for free but the implication of this is that your website will not have a professional appeal. For instance, it would be very unattractive to have a website that reads

Spending a little extra on the hosting will go a long way into ensuring that your brand has an attractive outlook. After you have come up with an appropriate domain name and you have chosen a host for your site, you only need to tweak and adjust your site a little bit. You will need to add some templates and the necessary layouts for your website to increase its appeal. Think of this as the interior decoration of the digital real estate that you have built. Once you have done this, you will be ready to launch your website.

How do you make money?

Making money off your website is where the challenging bit begins. To get any revenue you need to attract people to your site, and to do this you will be required to promote and market your site extensively. You can do this on social media, or any other media that will be at your disposal.

You are advised to even investigate Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your content is easily accessible when someone looks online for it. The whole point of doing all this is to be able to generate adequate traffic to your site to be able to sell the products that you have to offer. The more traffic you can generate the more likely that you be able to get the attention of companies and they will come to advertise on your website.

Google Adsense

AdSense can be said to be one of the most popular way in which you can get some revenue online. If you are new to this then it may look like some complicated terminology involving some complicated tasks, however, with this guide it will be amazingly simple. Here is all you need to know:

• This is an internet service that is owned by Google.

• It is a free service for all publishers.

• It is one of the major income earners for Google as a company with revenue of approximately $3.13 billion.

• The revenue share is split between the publisher and Google on a ratio of 68:32. This means that for every dollar, 68 cent will go to the publisher while 32 cents will go to Google.

• The variety of advertisers utilize the AdWords program to advertise their services and products on the AdSense websites. Payment is only due whenever an individual clicks on the advertisements. This is called pay per click (PPC)

• It is a very convenient system to use

• The calculation of the cost per every click is determined through an auction type of system.

• It is arguably one of the most reliable platforms for advertising online today and it can generate a steady income for publisher in comparison with other PPC systems.

How can you make money?

It has been highlighted that this is one of the easiest platforms to use in which you are entitled to receive over 68 per cent of the entire revenue. Nevertheless, there are some few requirements that you need to make any kind of money on AdSense. But you need not be alarmed as they are not too hard to accomplish.

Your Website should be rich in content. Google AdSense is best suited for a website that is rich in content. You can put all sorts of content within your website such as images, words, and videos so long as they do not contravene the policies of AdSense.

You, should, however, ensure that your content has some text in it so that it can be easy for the web crawler to locate your content. High Quality Given that Google has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients given the fact that they part with hefty sums of money so that their products can be advertised, they would not be amused if their content was placed on websites that were of poor quality.

Moreover, it would serve you and your brand better if your website were to have a professional appearance as compared to a messy juvenile web page. High Traffic Like we had mentioned earlier, you stand to make very easy money if you make use of AdSense, nevertheless, this is only possible if you website is able to generate a substantial amount of traffic.

The rationale here is that advertisers will pay to place their adverts on website where people will notice them, with low traffic then that is not possible. As a benchmark, you need to aim for approximately 400 unique visits in any given day to consider it healthy traffic.

Appropriate Keywords It is vital that your website has the appropriate key words and the same goes for your content if you are to make any money with AdSense. Appropriate keywords refer to the words that are commonly used by the advertisers when they are promoting their services and products to increase the overall number of action words. Action words are especially important as they could convert a click into a revenue or sale.

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