Challenges Home School Parents Face

Right of the bat I am going to inform you that homeschooling is not for the faint at heart. Homeschooling is like a full-time job; however, it does come with many rewards.

Below are some of the challenges that homeschooling parents face.

First, thinking that you are not good enough to teach your children. Many parents do not want to home school, because they have this thought. They think that they will fail their children. They believe that their children will not be learning everything that they are supposed to be learning in school or in life for that matter. That is simply not the case.

Once your child or children reached your arms after they are born you are teaching them. You have been teaching them before you even realized that you were. You taught your child or children to eat from a bottle, spoon, or fork. You taught your child to walk, talk, run, ride a bike, and so many other things. Therefore, you are the best teacher that they have.

When I began homeschooling, I did so much researching and racking my brain. However, when I begin those lessons, I realized that it just came to me. For some, this is not the case, and it is okay. You will not get something new right away. Just like your child or children are learning. You are also learning. I know that I have been learning a long with my children.

Next, there are so many different curriculum choices out there that you are feeling overwhelmed by the different ones that you want to choose or feel like you must choose. There is curriculum that costs thousands of dollars and there are curriculum’s that are free. Whichever one that is your choice depends on what works best and right for your family. No one else can know what is best for your family, but you. Many people like to give advice. It is good to take advice, however, learning your family‚Äôs needs is the best way to make the right choice.

Next, in the beginning and sometimes continuing your children will fight you tooth and nail to not do school. If your child or children are like mine. Then that would be the case. I have been homeschooling since November 2017, and every day we do us home school we go through this. My son will scream and shout for about twenty-minutes when it is time to start school, however, after that he is okay. He likes to get his schoolwork done quickly, so that he has the rest of the day to do what he wants. His sister, however, is a different story. She likes to test my patience the entire school day. Some children are this way. They completely hate anything that has to do with the mention of school. Does not matter what kind of school day are we having. Fun schooling, book work schooling, video schooling, game schooling. She just hates school.

Next, you will get people that tell you that you should not be homeschooling your own child or children. Yes, there are people like this everywhere and anywhere. Where they think they know what is best for you and your family. People will even stoop so low as to call cps on you for homeschooling your child or children. If you do not know who those people are, they are the Children Protective Staff or Security. In every state or different countries are these people. They will try and assume or accuse you of neglecting your children. Yes, they try and take your children away from you as well. However, for me I document everything because if I must deal with these people, I have my proof of no bad intentions going on. For me that was making videos and detail lists of everything that we eat and do. We have been bothered by them a few times, and each time I had my videos and detailed reports ready to go. Good idea to keep those kinds of records.

The next thing is should you have a schedule or not. I tried keeping a calendar of things that I needed to do daily. However, I quickly found that schedules just were not for me. However, for some they work well. I am an organized person; however, I could not get into using or making a schedule. That is okay if you are not a schedule or calendar kind of person. You must find how you do things best. Again, you are learning aside your children.

These are different complications and challenges that home school parents face and ways to overcome them.

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Vision of a Mom

Check out this video below of me teaching my daughter how to cook. Life skills are very important to teach children. This can also be considered home school credit.

Want to know how to home school your first grader take a look at this.

Want a free download? A 99 page workbook helping your child learn how to cut. Download it below. Lots of fun lines and images to cut out.

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