Tips for Homeschooling Kindergarten

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Homeschooling is not easy and not for the faint at heart. However, I believe you can do it if you value yourself and your child. Children need good education and the fact is public schools are failing most children. Also, with the current events going on in the world. Many parents are turning to home school. Here I give you five tips that I learned homeschooling my kindergartner.

I have two children homeschooling in the 2020-2021 school year. There grades are 2nd and 1st grade. However, last year homeschooling I had a kindergartner and a 1st grader.

  1. Play. Let your child express themselves through their imagination. That is done by letting your child play constantly. This gives your child the opportunity to learn about the world. Children can also learn what they like to do by using their imagination.
Child learning through play.
  • Reading. Children in the lower grades need a fundamentals of reading values. In Kindergarten your child should be learning phonic sounds, how to say three- and four-letter words, recognize and say each letter of the alphabet. Below is a product that I use to help my children learn to read. It is aimed at teaching children to learn to read by site and then phonics. My children are doing so well with this. Hopefully, this can help your child learn to read.

Kids learn to read.
  • Math. It is important in kindergarten that children have a good foundation in math. Learning numbers 1-100. Recognizes numbers 1-50. Learning to write numbers 1-50. It is also a good idea to begin teaching small addition and subtraction with numbers 1-10. Being able to do basic math like shapes and colors. You should also teach your child half time and hour time.
Child learning to do math.
  • Writing. Having a good foundation in writing builds on the other school subjects your child is going to need for the next grades to come. Learning to write numbers 1-20 and writing the alphabet. Once your child knows those it is good to start spelling where they are spelling three- and four-letter words. Below is a handwriting book that my children enjoyed. Hopefully, can help your child as well.

Child learning to write.
  • Learning Life Skills. Some skills include learning how to hold a pencil and write correctly. Not slouching while sitting in a chair. Learning how to follow directions carefully. Those are all things for school. However, in your home school it is also important to teach things like: doing laundry, making breakfast or lunch, cleaning own room, cleaning bathrooms, vacuum floor, or simple learning how to pick up after themselves are life skills not learned in school. These are things that children need to start learning from a young age.
Kid learning life skills.

So, you want to home school your first grader. Try doing these five things to help you succeed in your school. Also, remember, you the parent, do not stress. Your child learns everything they need when they are ready to learn it. Have fun and learn with your child.

Check out this YouTube Video on Homeschooling Kindergarten below.

Tips for Homeschooling Kindergarten

Free eBook to help your child learn how to cut or use scissor. 99 pages link below.

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