25 Ways Preschool or Kindergarten Students Learn to Write and Read

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25 Ways Preschool or Kindergarten Students Learn to Write and Read

Starting in preschool your child is learning how to trace and write their letters, numbers, and shapes.

Can be fun or it can be a daunting task. However, it does not have to be.

Here are some activities below that will help your child learn to trace and write the fun way.

  • Use sand. There are plenty of kids that love to play in sand. Get some dirt or sand from outside of your home and put it in something like a cardboard or a plate that is not valuable. Your child will have loads of fun dipping their hands in the sand and playing it. However, you can use this by teaching your child to write numbers and letter with the sand.
  • Use shaving cream. This can be used in the same way that you would use the sand or dirt above.
  • Magnet letters. Stick these letters on your refrigerator, bathtub, or anywhere that they would stick. Your child would have loads of fun playing with the letters and guessing them.
  • You write grocery lists when going to the store right? Well, I do. I need to keep a list to save money. Now, the way you can make this educational is having your child help your make the list.
  • Have your child write letters to family and friends.
  • Build strength in your child hands by having them learn or do some fine motor activities. Activities such as: thread beads into a pip cleaner, pick up any objects with tongs, learn to scribble, coloring, cutting, putting Lego’s or puzzles together, and tying shoe laces.
Fine Motor Skill Block Building
  • Chalk board writing.
  • Have your child copy over your handwriting.
  • Play reading games. For example, vocabulary bingo, cards, write letters on small paper cups and have child put them together, write words on paper eggs and have your child hunt and read them, or you can use index cards by writing letters on each card and having them spell a word out.
  • Read fun books to your child.
  • Use chalk and write on the sidewalk.
  • If you live where there is snow, then have your child write letters in the snow.
  • Playing letter games on the phone or tablet.
  • Use salt. Have your child trace their letters and numbers in salt.
  • Buy and alphabet puzzle and have your child put it together.
  • Print out big letter worksheets and have your child color or cut them out.
  • Write letters on paper plates and have your child guess or put them together to make a word.
  • Use animal crackers, cookies, or cheerios to have your child count numbers. Put the number on a paper and have them match it with the food of choice.
  • Print out letter worksheets and use blocks to put to make the letters.
  • Print out letter or number worksheets, laminate them, and have your child trace them.
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com
  • Print or buy number or letter puzzle worksheets and have your child try and find them.
  • Make letter cards and have your child say them daily.
  • Get an ABC chart and have your child put magnet letter to match them.
  • Use pictures of alphabet letters to have your child guess the letter.
  • Use letter beads. Put them on a string to make a word.

These are 25 ways for your child to learn to recognize and write their letters and numbers.

Child learning to Write

To help your child learn cutting or scissor skills download these 99 pages learn to cut workbook below.

Learn to Cut

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