Do Home School Kids Get Diplomas?

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Let me tell you if you are not homeschooling because you think your child will not receive their diplomas them, I am here to say they will.

Do Home School Students receive diplomas?

Now, I can only tell you about information in the United States of America. If you are reading this from another country, then I am sorry I have no knowledge on this topic for you.

Diploma and Homeschooling

Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states in the United States. With that, your child completes their 12th grade year they can certainly receive a diploma.

With one exception.

You, the parent, will be the one issuing the diploma to your child. Yes, you heard what I said. The parent of the child is the one to issue the diploma.

After your child has completed the required schoolwork for the state that you live in you can issue that diploma.

No, this diploma is not considered a GED. This is classified as a regular high-school diploma. GED are diplomas as well, however, colleges like regular diplomas where they can see a student’s transcript.

Home School Diploma

Transcripts are also created by the student. That is why it is a good idea to keep records in your home school. This way you have a record of all work completed, classes, and credits for your child or children.

Every college in the United States accept home school diplomas because homeschooling is legal in all fifty states.

Therefore, the answer to your question is yes. “Will my child receive a diploma when homeschooling?” Yes, they will.

Below is a class schedule for your home school student. Free download.

Below is a link to two wonderful books for you to home school your high-school student or students. One for your home school high-school fears. The other to home-school high-school with college in mind.

This post includes affiliate links. If you click on the links I receive a small commission.

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