What Can You Use To Teach Reading?

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What Can You Use to Teach Reading in Home School?

Are you a parent? Home school parent?

You want to teach your child how to read, however, you have no idea where to start.

I was there to. No shame. My children needed help learning how to read.

I was like you. Spending hours on the computer or phone researching the best ways to teach my children how to read. I was on Facebook mom groups asking everyone and anyone where to begin.

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Well, here is a way to start that I found really helped my children learn to read.

Hooked on Phonics Workbooks

The first one I want to introduce you to is Hooked on Phonics. My children are doing so well learning with the workbooks from Hooked on Phonics. There are different ways Hooked on Phonics can help you. Below is a list of items that they must help your child read.

  • Sight Word Workbooks
  • Flashcards
  • Learning Apps
  • DVD’s
  • Videos
  • Reading Books

These are some of the items that you can use from Hooked on Phonics.

My children use the workbooks and they have been phenomenal. They are learning by site and phonetically. Which has really helped my children learn to read and fast. Both of my children have either high functioning autism or ADHD. They love these workbooks because they are simple and to the point.

Check this link out below of the Hooked-on Phonics Workbooks that my children have been using.


We love Hooked on Phonics; however, we also use another reading program. We use this program because it has short stories that my children can quickly read all in one book. I have a small home; therefore, I do not have room to hold tons of books. That is why this is perfect. Many short stories in this book that are easy to read and comprehend.

Easy Peasy Learn to Read

This reading program is, Learn To Read with Easy Peasy.

Now, if you do not know what Easy Peasy is then I will tell you. Easy Peasy All in One Home School is an online curriculum website made by a home school mom. This website has been up for years. The person who made it started out posting her children’s homeschooling lessons. People started using them, and then bang. The website grew.

On the website now are lessons for preschool to high-school children.

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The reading program we are doing comes from this website or this creator. This person believes that learning to read should start with sight words. Therefore, the Learn to Read Book starts your child off by reading by site. Then later in the book your child starts phonics.

After your child completes all of the lesson in the book, she says that your child should be reading at a third-grade reading level.

My son is banging out these stories and doing so amazing with it. I have not started my daughter on this yet, because I want her to master the Hooked-on Phonics Workbook first.

The story lessons do not take long to complete at all. You can do one lesson a day or how many you want to do. You the parent knows what is best for your child.

Below is the Easy Peasy Learn to Read book if you would like to look at this.


If you start any reading program and your child is struggling with it then take a break. Some children are not ready to start learning to read until they are eight years old. Sometimes not even then and that is okay.

Start with the basics. Making sure your child has the letters recognized and phonic sounds down is the best way to get started.

I can help you with that. Below is the link to my preschool learn to read lessons. These are YouTube videos with free worksheets that teach the alphabet and their sounds.


Look at these reading programs (Hooked on Phonics and Learn to Read with Easy Peasy) that I have listed. If they are not for your child, it is okay. There are many different options out there to help your child learn to read. This is just what worked for my children. Maybe, they can be helpful for your child or children to.

Do not be so hard on yourself. Reading is not an easy thing to teach or to learn. Have fun learning together.


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