What is it Like Raising A Special Needs Kid? (Child)

Raising A Special Needs Child (Kid)

Hey lovely readers,

So, you are here because you want to find out what is like raising special needs kids. Well, having two special needs kids. I can tell you without a doubt that it is difficult. However, well worth it.

Sometimes I just want to pull out all my hair. Other times I just want to crawl into a ball in the corner and cry.

When I was pregnant with my second son, my doctor knew that there was something wrong with my baby. He would always see something wrong with the ultrasounds (scans) that we had done. However, he could not tell me what was wrong. Why? Who knows?

When I went into labor with my second child, my blood pressure was high. I was having later on-set preeclampsia. I was having preeclampsia, however, because it was happening during labor the doctor said it was later on-set.

After he was born, I had trouble getting him to grow. He threw up every kind of milk I tried to give him. Therefore, I had to start him on pedisure, and put cereal in it. He did not hit any of his milestones when he was to. Basically, he was not developing the way he should have been.

I went from doctor to doctor for them, only to tell me he will grow at his own time. That is not something you want to hear. No, you want to hear what is wrong with your child. Well, a couple of months later, I found out that I was pregnant yet again.

Nothing wrong with this pregnancy this time. She was my biggest baby. She hit her milestones on time. When she started walking is when my middle child started walking. She started by walking on her tiptoes. Her walking continued like that. When she turned three, she started experiencing pains in her feet and legs. The pains are severe. She falls, screams in pain, cannot walk, or move for periods of thirty minutes to an hour.

While she was experiencing this pain, my husband and I still had no answers for what was going on with our middle child. Until my third child was three, I ignored the way she had been walking. I simply thought that she just enjoyed walking on her toes. It never occurred to me that something was wrong. We saw doctors about her pains, however; they told us they were growing pains.

We were living in the state of Florida. Well, in 2020, right before everything went crazy, we moved from Florida. The move was chaotic as we were starting all over. I left my car; we boarded our flight and arrived three and a half hours later. We did not have a place to stay, therefore; we lived in hotel after hotel for a couple of months.

I tell you what, living in a hotel with special needs kids was extremely chaotic. At no point in time were they quiet only when they were sleeping. I had been homeschooling in Florida, so I continued when we moved. Well, staying in a hotel, homeschooling two special needs kids, I only did the core subjects for homeschooling.

Why? If I had done a normal school day, my children would have gotten us kicked out of these hotels.

To home school special needs kids is tough. Goodness, to home school any child is hard. However, with special needs children, they require more attention, because they learn in different ways. Let’s just say that sometimes my patience reaches the limit. Because of this, I have ways to get through our home school day that there are no more tears shed or attitudes heard.  

Disciplining children like mine is hard. Why? Well, because most of the time they do not understand what they did or why it’s wrong. With child 2 having intellectual disabilities, he and his sister both need a calm and soft touch to disciplining.

I know sometimes your child or children are screaming and they do not want to hear anything about disciplining. Well, that is my children, however, they really do not understand.

Besides running through the house playing all day, they have vivid imaginations. So, their games are always in make believe. As far as them giving mommy time to herself, they do. They are fantastic about playing with each other until they fight. Of course, I step in. Sometimes, I too would join in on the games. My husband as well, he loves playing with them, because their games are so extraordinary that we love playing imagination with them.

They both also like playing alone. That’s okay. Sometimes people like to be by themselves. While I am doing my work, they do not bother me either.

While child 2 is playing by himself, child 3 likes to draw, color, and dance.

So, as I stated before, raising special needs children is difficult, but extremely worth it. You will have your times when you just want to give up. Don’t! Your child or children are worth it.

Take time for yourself. Reflect on your own life and who you are. Love and cherish your child or children. Those disabilities that they have do not shape who they are. Do not confine them to that title of having a disability. No, they are here for a purpose and to do great things.

Having a disability does not define your child. Who you raise them to be will shape them into who they are. Raise them to think for themselves, to learn themselves, to teach themselves, to be independent, to cook, to take care of themselves.

Just because my child 2 has intellectual disabilities does not mean that he will learn nothing, because he is. He is thriving. He learns every day, and it’s beautiful to watch. To know that my husband and I help him every day become more independent is an amazing feeling.

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